Solving for Tomorrow: Episode 2

The Basics of Intelligent Forecasting

What is Intelligent forecasting?

In the second episode of his new thought leadership series, Solving For Tomorrow, Prevedere’s CEO Rich Wagner provides the foundational elements of intelligent forecasting, his insights for successfully implementing this approach within any organization and answers a few key questions, including:

  • What is intelligent forecasting?
  • What are the key data assets needed for intelligent forecasting?
  • How does AI improve results?
  • Is this new way of forecasting a replacement for existing internal processes, or an add in?

Watch this 8-minute overview to learn how you can incorporate intelligent forecasting into your pre-existing business models in order to maximize your company’s revenue and growth potential.


About Prevedere, Inc.
Prevedere is a predictive analytics software company that delivers insights into future business outcomes based on current economic trends. Our predictive economic intelligence helps executives see what lies ahead for their business and solve for upcoming risks and opportunities. Our SaaS solutions apply the power of machine learning and predictive modeling to more than 3 million indicators of global economic and consumer activity. Prevedere customers include Fortune 500 industry leaders in retail, manufacturing, and consumer packaged goods. To learn more, visit www.prevedere.comand follow @Prevedere on Twitter.

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