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How Retail CEOs Can Enable Digital Transformation Today 

Improving data analytics: The most valuable first step towards Digital Transformation

Retail and CPG executives are well aware of the disruption happening to their industries. Changing consumer behavior, global volatility, and staying ahead of nimble, online-only competitors are just some of the challenges. Retail executives are investing heavily in digital transformation to increase operational efficiency, improve the shopper experience, or empower their employees with critical data.  Although many leaders are sold on the “why” of digital transformation, they are stuck on the “how.”

By partnering with Prevedere, Microsoft offers business leaders a clear, concise and ROI-driven “first step” on the Digital Transformation Roadmap: Turning data into forward-looking insights. How does a retail CEO make their company more data-driven while ensuring the existing business runs smoothly? In this webinar, we talk to Shish Shridhar, Worldwide Director, Retail Business Strategy at Microsoft. We will discuss why retail CEOs should focus on turning data into forward-looking insights and begin the first-step towards Digital Transformation 


About Shish Shridhar

Shish Shridhar is Worldwide Director of Retail Strategy at Microsoft.  Mr. Shridhar has over 20 years of experience in the retail technology solutions and strategy. He was worldwide director retail industry solutions and business intelligence Solutions at Microsoft. He has worked with dozens of retail and CPG C-level executives, helping them envision and implement data and Artificial Intelligence and other digital transformation solutions.

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