2019 Executive Survey

See how Prevedere and Microsoft can help your company take the first step towards Digital Transformation

Improving data analytics: The most valuable first step towards Digital Transformation

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Report Abstract:

This report will underscore the importance of investing in data and analytics based on the responses from over 200 C-Level and VP-Level executives. There remains, however, a disconnect between the mountains of data available to a company and the forward-looking insights needed at the executive level. Closing this gap will help businesses begin the journey towards Digital Transformation.

By partnering with Prevedere, Microsoft offers business leaders a clear, concise and ROI-driven “first step” on the Digital Transformation Roadmap: Turning data into forward-looking insights. Technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics can identify the best data to help CEOs plan for tomorrow.

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Excerpts from the 2019 Executive Survey