A joint report from Nielsen and Prevedere on the latest techniques to predict category demand and consumer behavior

The Evolution in Consumer Goods Forecasting

A holistic view of future category demand

Consumer goods manufacturers and retailers face greater and greater challenges every year. Business leaders in FMCG are constantly asking “What drove growth?” and “Why?”. In an ever changing world, looking at the past can no longer provide insights to the future. Finding increasingly elusive growth requires a holistic view of the drivers of demand.

Nielsen and Prevedere have developed the following report to help FMCG companies truly understand future demand by gaining a holistic view of what drives  consumer behavior.

By using category data, cognitive computing and predictive modeling, Nielsen and Prevedere have helped top manufacturers and retailers gain unprecedented insight into their company’s future performance, all while leveraging their existing analytics and processes.

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Excerpts from this report to improve consumer goods forecasting

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