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Real answers are found outside your four walls

To survive in today’s fast-paced global economy, you will need to collect and analyze global data that impacts your business before your competition does the same. Each of Prevedere’s Enterprise Solutions combines our deep store of real-time global economic data and the latest in machine learning to quickly and easily find key external and internal drivers of business results. Users in any function can now leverage this intelligence without a multi-million dollar investment or months of implementation time. By seamlessly integrating Prevedere’s insights within your planning process and analytics tools, you can get the most out of your existing technology investment.

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Enterprise Solutions tailored to your role

Predictive Marketing Analytics

Optimize your marketing spend like never before with real-time economic and consumer behavior leading indicators.

Financial Forecasting Intelligence

Demand better accuracy from your corporate financial forecasts by rapidly analyzing global economic data.

Data Science Accelerator

Reduce data gathering and analysis time by 90%. Spend more time gaining insights to improve business.

Predictive Demand Planning

Deliver unbiased, fact-based demand forecasts using real-time economic and consumer behavior leading indicators.

Predictive Sales Planning

Boost your sales plan accuracy by forecasting how regional and national economic changes impact any of your markets.

Leverage your existing planning processes and systems

Prevedere uniquely enhances any existing technology and resources you have in place by aiding data discovery and correlation with our powerful store of global economic data. Prevedere can stand alone as a primary predictive analytics solution or it can integrate seamlessly with your established software and processes.

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Learn how your enterprise can gain unprecedented insights while leveraging your existing systems.

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