Forecasting for the new normal

Economic scenario planning eBook

Scenario Planning in a COVID-19 World

As of late, we are continually bombarded with news on whether the stock markets are at a new low, if COVID-19 virus cases have reached a peak, the increases in unemployment, not to mention negative U.S. election-related information, and more. Beyond the noise and numbers, business leaders question how the pandemic-led economic uncertainty will impact their business interests long-term. Economists have been modeling potential economic recovery scenarios by using ‘V’ and ‘U’ letters to indicate patterned economic amelioration. Others ponder a ‘W’-shaped recovery, which indicates a dip followed by another dip. Regardless of the rebound, this alphabet soup of possible scenarios makes it challenging to plan. What does all this mean for your business? And do you need to reevaluate your forecast? Download this eBook now to see how economic scenario planning provides companies with a clearer vision as they revise their forecasts and identify potential scenarios that impact their business.

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