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Traversing Economic Challenges in the Chemical Industry with Dr. Swift



Prevedere CEO Rich Wagner recently sat down with Dr. Thomas Kevin Swift, Senior Economist for Global Chemicals at ICIS, the Independent Commodity Intelligence Services, for an exclusive Q&A about forecasting and planning during recessionary conditions.

Dr. Swift is an expert in the interaction between management, strategy, and economic advancements in the chemical industry. He has an in-depth understanding of the energy and chemical industries, as well as competitive intelligence and market research in a global setting.

Their discussion centers around Dr. Swift’s experience in developing forecasts for the chemical sector over the past few years and into a recession in 2023, as well as any insights he might have about the outlook for the chemical industry.

Listen to the episode to learn more.



Dr. Thomas Kevin Swift is the Senior Economist for Global Chemicals at ICIS (the Independent Commodity Intelligence Services). In his role at ICIS, Kevin specializes in chemical industry economics and the interaction of strategy, management, and economic developments. Prior to his role at ICIS, he was Chief Economist & Managing Director at the American Chemical Council and has an extensive knowledge of the chemical and energy industries, competitive intelligence, and market research within an international context.


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