Download the Prevedere ROI Calculator

Prevedere ROI Calculator

Many CPG and retail companies strive to ensure the right amount of inventory is on the shelves to match demand. By using machine learning and economic leading indicators, companies can dramatically improve the visibility of future headwinds and tailwinds that affect consumer demand by category.

This spreadsheet will help estimate the annual savings of an improvement in a demand forecast for your company. The Prevedere ROI Calculator gives you the saving estimate by factoring in:

  • Cost of Capital
  • Waste/Damaged Inventory
  • Inventory Operating Costs
  • Obsolete Inventory

Download the Prevedere ROI Calculator and find out how Prevedere can help you get a handle on excess inventory.

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More about Prevedere

In this webinar, Lauren Fernandes, Manager, Strategy & Analytics of Nielsen and Andrew Duguay, Sr. Economist of Prevedere will provide insights on how CPG companies can stay ahead of disruption and reclaim market share.  Click here to download the report.
Free download - CPG Playbook Forecasting and Predictive Analytics
This illustrated playbook describes the 5 critical steps to incorporate the latest in predictive analytics and syndicated data to predict consumer purchase behavior with remarkable accuracy.  Click here to download the report.
Prevedere is live on the Microsoft AppSource site. The site offers the ability to sign up for a free demo and also contains additional videos for Prevedere’s Demand Forecasting for Manufacturing (a Microsoft Preferred Solution) and Demand Planning for Retail/CPG.

“Unexpected changes in capital markets and economic conditions”

The most frequently cited risk factor found in SEC filings of major U.S. companies. The Prevedere’s AI Modeling Engine brings visibility to external risk with enough lead time for business leaders to make better decisions.