Last Updated: June 22, 2018

When I launched Prevedere in 2012, I knew we could solve a critical business challenge by helping companies leverage data to see all the factors that influence business outcomes and turn those insights into action. It was a problem I’d seen first-hand when I was leading IT strategy and innovation for a global chemical company. Our executives were challenged with making critical business decisions, but only had a fraction of the data necessary on what was truly driving demand for our products and services and the potential market opportunity that was in front of us. I realized we were missing the most critical information in our decision making by relying on internal historical data, ignoring all of the leading external influencers of our global business. After discussing these challenges with my peers at other organizations, I knew we were not alone and that there was a better way.

Five years later, my vision for a new era of predictive analytics is here. Customers in a range of industries – from retail and CPG to manufacturing and insurance – have realized how much more powerful their decisions can be when they have an accurate view of their future performance based on facts, instead of just depending on what happened in the past. We’ve built a powerful team of economists, data scientists, product engineers, customer success and marketing professionals to bring this company to life. Along the way, we’ve forged strategic alliances with industry leaders such as Nielsen, Baker Tilly and Prosper to expand our offering to deliver value to our customers. We have developed integrations with Microsoft’s PowerBI, Oracle and SAP to work seamlessly with our enterprise customers’ existing systems. Our board and investors have provided insights that helped us scale Prevedere and deliver the features that C-level executives demand. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this vision a reality.

Today, we announced a $10 million investment from Norwest Venture Partners, Microsoft Ventures, PointGuard Ventures and Rev1 Ventures as we seek to further scale our customer success and marketing teams and continue to help enterprises make smarter, data-driven, future-oriented decisions. Learn how we’ve helped our existing clients here, and contact us to see how we can help you achieve similar results.