How CPG brands can
optimize planning
and forecasting

With Advanced Predictive Planning, CPGs can create market validated plans and strategies to better manage risk and seize more opportunity

Economic and market volatility is creating real challenge for CFOs, FP&A teams and category managers. Without a complete understanding of the contributing external drivers of demand and delivery, millions of dollars are lost or left on the table due to imprecise plans and strategies. Forecasts are created without consideration of the actual drivers of the business, leaving them incomplete, inaccurate, and invalidated. Advanced Predictive Planning overcomes these limitations, and results in more holistic, robust and actionable forecasts

What is Advanced
Predictive Planning?

Advanced Predictive Planning (APP) leverages external data sets and machine learning algorithms to create a new layer of planning insight. APP enables CPG organizations to:

  • Identify which external indicators impact each line of business
  • Build predictive models incorporating these indicators to quantify:
    • The impact contribution of each indicator
    • The forecast prediction for each line of business
  • Create what-if planning scenarios by varying input variables (e.g. inflation, oil, wages)
  • Monitor models and indicators to spot upcoming market shifts, enabling adjustments of plans and strategies

Improved planning for better outcomes

Reduce risk, drive growth with better financial modeling.

Always offer the right promotion and price for the moment.

Spot cost and supply- chain risks before they materialize.

Stay ahead of changing markets to react faster than your rivals.

Help sales teams optimize their performance with hyper-accurate forecasts.

Advanced Predictive Planning in 3 minutes

Find out how APP can help you improve business outcomes in this explainer video.

Streamlined data-based forecasting

Find the most important leading indicators for your business 50% faster.

Use advanced AI to build the best-fit models and simulations for your business.

Increase the predictive accuracy of your planning and scenario modeling by 18%.

Monitor real-time data signals to detect market shifts before they happen.

Prevedere APP solutions integrate seamlessly with BI, BMI and other planning solutions.

Prevedere Consumer Packaged Goods customers

Prevedere provides the competitive advantage of knowing when to expect downturns or upturns in our categories, allowing companies to change course when necessary.

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Discover how APP can streamline your planning, forecasting and business processes, from start to finish, with our APP infographic.

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Advanced Predictive Planning: Use cases

Strategic planning

New market entry

Identify market landscape for opportunities, demand for categories, upside for increased market share.

Investor calls

Build investor confidence with predictions and projections of future market conditions.

Category & brand expansion

Improve understanding of the competitive brand landscape for greater market share.

Financial Forecasting

Optimize working capital

Unlock working capital through more accurate forecasts and planning efficiencies.

Market CAGR projections

Use external data and econometric prediction to create multi year CAGR models.

Mid-long-range planning

Leverage marcro-economic trends to create 2-5 year prediction models and CAGR forecasts

Sales/Territory Forecast

Market segment projections

Generate demand projections for the entire segment, as well as the company forecast and market share.

Driver price prediction

Leverage contributing indicators and APP platform to build price elasticity models.

Market-share planning

Identify the market-share drivers unique to each brand/category, by channel, by geography.

Category & Brand Forecast

Category forecasts

Identify the external factors for each category, create 12-18 month rolling forecasts.

Driver-mix analysis

Blend internal levers (price, promotion) with external signals to create holistic demand forecasts.

Market-shift alerts

Prevedere monitors/alerts models and indicators for unplanned shifs, enabling timely refinement.

Tactical Forecasting

Demand/supply alignment

Create accurate and market-validated demand forecasts to drive supply side decisions and plans.

Capacity optimization

Accurate demand forecasts enable optimizations in storage, inventory, and order fulfillment.

Market driver alerts

Prevedere models identify LOB market drivers, and alert users when shifts and anomalies occur.

Case study:
Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz used APP to improve its business planning, cut waste, reduce overheads and boost profits, even during market volatility.

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