ERIN Indicators

Model-Ready External Data at Your Fingertips

ERIN Indicators - Global Data Repository

ERIN Indicators is a big data repository of millions of ‘model ready’ macroeconomic, industry, behavioral, supply chain, government and other external business indicators.  Prevedere has collated, indexed and prepared time series data from thousands of public and private data sources, providing a fast start for those organizations looking to include external data into their planning process.


ERIN Indicators make it fast and easy to find and use data from outside an organization’s own four walls, and is the foundation for Prevedere’s predictive AI modeling solutions.

ERIN Indicators Overview

The ERIN Predictive AI platform has a foundation in the form of a data repository loaded with model ready economic and industry external sources.  If organizations are looking to market-validate plans and  forecasts with economic based predictive models they need access to a wealth of external data – this is it.  The graphic above shows the ERIN product suite layers on the left, and an overview of the Indicators data repository on the right.  Click for a larger version.  

Rationale for Leveraging a Global Data Repository

Time investment to research/connect to thousands of data sources

Time investment to prepare sources to be model ready

Broad coverage of macroeconomic and industry signals

Easy starting point for the predictve AI modeling lifecycle

Stages of the Predictive AI Lifecycle

ERIN AI Technology Enables the Entire Lifecycle to Deliver Economic Based Prediction

ERIN Discover

Correlation engine able to identify specific drivers and lead/lag indicators related to either a corporate business or market segment

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ERIN Predict

Econometrics-based machine learning engine designed to create, score, test & refine predictive models, and generate forecasts

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ERIN Scenario

Vary planning assumptions and project future business outcomes for 3 plausible macroeconomic scenarios: pessimistic, baseline and optimistic

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ERIN Protect

Automated monitoring of forecast models predictive health, providing an early warning system with alerts when prediction changes

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ERIN Indicators Datasheet

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The ERIN Platform helps you leverage AI to improve outcomes.

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