Prevedere Early Warning System (EWS) 

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Benefits of using Prevedere for instant insights and alerts:

Get an assigned economist to work with your team to identify company-specific demand data to watch

Get instant notifications of upcoming risks to your performance data via our automated, systematic & repeatable alerting system

We will update and monitor the signals used as the global economy changes 

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Leverage both leading indicators and performance predictions for early warnings of upcoming change

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Markets are constantly shifting, but with the introduction of cutting-edge technology, business leaders can now foresee changes before they occur. 

Prevedere Early Warning System (EWS) is a new target market monitoring and alerting system, combining leading indicators and economic modeling to provide unique business leadership foresight. 

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Adding EWS to your business intelligence

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Watch Jac Connolly, Sr. Economist from Kraft Heinz talk about how Prevedere is helping them to take a more rigorous approach to their forecasting. 

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