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External Insights & Predictive Analytics 

Transform planning and analysis with external insights and predictive analytics

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In today's highly uncertain business environment, accurate planning and analysis are more challenging than ever. While many companies have invested heavily in planning and analytics software, most are focusing mainly on internal considerations. By ignoring external factors in their decision-making, companies are running big risks — and missing out on big opportunities.

Prevedere’s revolutionary software harnesses global economic data, artificial intelligence, and econometric expertise to transform planning, forecasting, and analysis.

View the demo to discover how you can:

  • Access a comprehensive repository of global economic data
  • Identify leading indicators for your business
  • Use AI to rapidly create predictive econometric models
  • Monitor the external environment and get key alerts

See how you can use external insights and predictive analytics to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, improve both short- and long-term decisions, and establish a sustainable competitive advantage.