U.S. Economic Outlook: Tight Labor Market

Podcast Episode

In this 13-minute discussion, Andrew Duguay, Prevedere’s Chief Economist, discusses a paradox of U.S economic recovery – how can we be in a situation where there are 8.5 million fewer Americans employed, yet the job market feels red hot?

Andrew answers this question by providing data, in addition to the unemployment rate, to get a market feel estimated rate. He then provides perspective on how businesses can interpret this information and illustrates comparisons to both recessions past and times of normalcy.

During the discussion, Andrew also provides an update on expected GDP growth, what he expects for consumer demand, and how that impacts wages and margins.

Andrew Duguay
Andrew has been the Chief Economist for Prevedere for more than six years. Prior to his role at Prevedere, Andrew was a Senior Economist at ITR Economics. Andrew’s commentary and expertise have been featured in NPR, Reuters, and other publications. Andrew has an MBA and a degree in Economics. He has received a Certificate in Professional Forecasting from the Institute for Business Forecasting and Certificates in Economic Measurement, Applied Econometrics, and Time-Series Analysis and Forecasting from the National Association for Business Economics.

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